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GB Oceania Ambassador Program

Learn about the program, how you can get involved, and how it works!



Support your team, help to change our GB athlete's life, improve your game and represent the Red Shield!


About The Program


The aim of the GB Oceania Ambassador Program is to help fund our athletes to achieve their dreams at major competitions around the world. We created a system where all the GB members involved will benefit from this project. All the athletes and Professors must follow some pre-set rules to remain eligible for the Ambassadorship. The selection will happen through our GB Oceania Internal Rankings for 2023 where the top ranked Adult gi athletes, and the top ranked GB Kids gi athletes will receive the Ambassadorship. Funding for the GB Oceania Ambassador Program 2024 will be collected through a number of different events throughout 2023. The positions available to be a GB Oceania Ambassador are:


Adults & Juveniles - 7 Positions

     - 1 guaranteed position for an Adult Black Belt

     - 1 guaranteed position for an Adult Brown Belt

    - 5 positions for Adult Blue, Purple, Brownor Black Belts (combined division)

     - Male & Female 


Kids - 3 positions

     - Minimum Grey/White Belt and at least 10 years old 


The Adult Male & Juvenile Blue Belt division includes Juveniles as they are able to fight in the open weight divisions. This would make it unfair to include them in the Kids division.

A committee of GB School Owners and Instructors will make the decision on how the funding shall be allocated depending upon the size of the fund. The GB Oceania Ambassador Program can be amended throughout its entirety to ensure a sustainable program that can benefit all members of the GB community. Funding that is gathered through events specifically targeted for children will be allocated directly to the Kids GB Oceania Ambassador Program. Similarly, the funding raised through the events for adults shall be used solely for the Adults GB Oceania Ambassador Program.


The Purpose Of The Program


The purpose of this program is to:

- Create a platform to support our athletes to compete nationally and internationally; and

- Unite the team through initiatives where everyone can benefit, so we can grow together and not apart!


About The Events


GB Wear Australia  - Every 2023 Red Competition T-Shirt and Hoodie sold by GB Wear Australia will donate $7 towards the GB Oceania Ambassador Program. To purchase the Adults 2023 Red T-Shirt, click here. To purchase the Kids 2023 Red T-Shirt, click here.

GB Training Day (NSW & QLD)  - Sunday 18th June (NSW) & Sunday 15th October (QLD) - This day will involve our GB Oceania members of all ages learning from our black belts. The entire registration fee will go towards the GB Oceania Ambassador Program. To check out the photos from the GB Training Days, please click here.

GB Compnet  - Sunday 17th September - The GB Compnet is our internal competition, which sees students compete to develop themselves further as martial artists and as individuals. $2 from every registration fee at the Compnet Australia Nationals 2023 will be allocated directly to the GB Oceania Ambassador Program. Click here to check out the photos for the GB Compnet Sydney 2019!

GB Special Private Training  - The Professor, Coach or Ambassador will pick a specific BJJ subject, for example, the closed guard, to work for 3 hours, on a Saturday or Sunday. The sessions will operate with ideally a group of a minimum of 10 and a maximum 16 students. Part of the registration will go towards the GB Oceania Ambassador Program. To learn more about the GB Special Private Training, click here.


Why Should I Participate?


Our aim is for as many members of the GB community to participate in the program as possible. By doing so, we will help our competition team grow while improving as students as well. By participating in our events throughout the year, the GB Oceania Ambassador Program will grow through the year and enable us to potentially expand in the years to come.

While the GB Oceania Ambassador Program is directed at our athletes, other members of the GB community will see benefits as well. Not only will the level of training improve, but the GB community will witness a greater alignment in the values and philosophies that are encouraged by Gracie Barra, and therefore will enable the culture within GB to flourish and be nurtured to create a stronger, more successful and bigger team than ever before. 

School Owners and Instructors should aim to participate in the GB Oceania Ambassador Program in order to help their students develop along their Jiu-Jitsu journey. Their participation will not only help the GB athletes but will also see an improvement in technical skill of their students through our GB events. Further, the Instructor's participation will encourage their students to participate in GB Oceania's events.

Students will see an overall improvement in their Jiu-Jitsu. The technical skill will improve through the participation in the events throughout 2023, but also the culture, values and philosophies of GB will become more evident as the GB community becomes stronger.

The GB Oceania Ambassador Program will provide the athletes with support from the GB community in their endeavor to achieve their dreams. They will be supported through their training and, if they receive the Ambassadorship, will receive benefits that will help them reach their goals.

The GB Oceania Ambassador Program provides a great opportunity for the entire GB community to unite and grow together, keeping the core values of Gracie Barra; Brotherhood, Integrity and Development.


GB Oceania Ambassador Benefits


There are a lot of benefits that a GB Oceania Ambassador may receive. Depending on the size and allocation of the funds, some of these benefits may include:


     - GB Wear Australia Packages;

     - Discounts at;

     - Flights, accommodation & registrations for competitions;

     - Discount or Free Training

     - Webpages; 

     - GB Oceania Awards Night;

     - GB Special Private Training Sessions;

     - Photoshoot;

     - Video Techniques;

     - Exposure on social media;

     - Monthly Competition Training at GB Headquarters - Sydney;

     - ICP;

     - Visibility and recognition on GB social networks.

Our aim is for the GB Oceania Ambassador Program to grow in the future. This may involve the potential for financial incentives in the future, but this could only be a possibility through constant involvement by everyone in the GB community.

The Committee of GB Instructors and School Owners, as well as GB Oceania, reserve the right to change any benefits to the GB Oceania Ambassador Program depending upon financial viability.


Requirements for Eligibility


In order for athletes to be eligible for the GB Oceania Ambassador Program, the athlete must:

     - Score at least 300 points in the GB Oceania Ambassador Program Internal Rankings;

     - Compete in at least six (6) competitions throughout the year;

     - Participate in four (4) out of eleven (10) of the Monthly Competition Training at GB Headquarters - Sydney.

The training will always take place on Saturday from 2:30pm-4:30pm. The dates are:*


Saturday 14th January
Saturday 18th February
Saturday 25th March
Saturday 22nd April
Saturday 13th May
Saturday 15th July
Saturday 12th August
Saturday 2nd September
Saturday 21st October
Saturday 4th November


* For the Monthly Competition Training, attendance will be counted for your participation. Even if you cannot train due to injury, attendance is important to build the team spirit and strengthen the GB team.  Participation in the GB Oceania Monthly Competition Training sessions is only mandatory for Adults and Juveniles if their GB School is within 180km of GB Headquarters - Sydney (according to Google Maps).


All athletes must compete six (6) times throughout the year.

Also, for their students to be eligible for the GB Oceania Ambassador Program, the Head Instructors must: 

     - Attend at least one GB Oceania Monthly Competition Training;

     - Participate in at least one GB Training Day;

     - Host at least one GB Special Private Training in their GB School;

     - Complete the GB Oceania School Certification Program 2023;

     - Have completed the ICP (the most current version);

     - Wear the most recent Red T-Shirt at every competition; and

     - Wear the full GB Uniform.

GB Head Instructors must complete the GB Oceania School Certification Program in 2023 to be eligible to have GB Oceania Ambassadors in 2024. 

GB Oceania Ambassadors will have a number of conditions placed upon them for the duration of their Ambassadorship. These may include, but are not limited to, their social media presence, marketing, training etiquette, alignment with the code of conduct, GB official uniform, use of the Red T-Shirt and Hoodie, ICP and participation at our events.


Gracie Barra Ranking Information


We are going follow the Australian ranking so it would be easier to control the athlete’s points. For the competitions that are not on the Australian ranking, the points would be given according to a table created and published by GB Oceania.

If an child wins the Ambassadorship for the Kids division, but is then promoted to a new belt at the end of the year and joins the Adults/Juveniles division, they will still win the Ambassadorship for the Kids division.

If an child is promoted to a new belt in the middle of the year, and becomes a Juvenile, then they will be moved to the new division. Their points will not be carried over. For example, if a child is promoted to blue belt in the middle of the year, they will keep their position in the Kids division, but will join the Adults/Juveniles division. All points from that point onwards will be awarded in the Adults/Juveniles division. They will start in the Adults/Juveniles division on zero.

In the unlikely event that an athlete successfully secures an Ambassadorship for 2024 in both divisions, then they will be awarded the Ambassadorship for the higher belt division, not their previous belt.


The final competition that will give points to the GB Oceania Ambassador Program's Internal Rankings is the IBJJF Pan Pacific Championships. No competitions in November or December will give points to the GB Oceania Ambassador Program's Internal Rankings.


The GB Oceania Awards Night 2023


The GB Oceania Awards Night in Saturday 2nd December 2023 with a presentation of the athletes that will be part of GB Oceania Ambassador Program in 2024. Click here to check out the photos from the GB Awards Night 2019!


Instructor's Only


For Instructors, more detail on the GB Oceania Ambassador Program can be found here. You will be able to find the details about the finances, eligibility of students and attendance at GB Oceania Monthly Competition Training sessions.


View the GB Oceania Internal Rankings here!