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Premium Certification

Setting the highest standard and making a commitment to excellence!

This program is to show that this GB school operates in full alignment with Master Carlos Gracie Jr.’s teaching philosophies, methods, and standardsThe instructors are certified and the business practices are constantly supervised to comply with the operation guidelines by Gracie Barra Franchise Systems.

The GB Oceania School Certification Program was created to generate awareness about different elements within your GB Oceania School. You should be aware of what is required in all of the mandatory sections of this certification process, in order to protect yourself and the organisation from any potential issues that may arise. By meeting the requirements, you will also ensure the standard of Gracie Barra continues, and the atmosphere and appeal of your GB Oceania School is the same across Australia, regardless of the GB Oceania School they attend or visit.

Everything we have accomplished together and, seeing the positive impact it has had on GB Schools in Oceania, has been an important reassurance we are moving in the right direction. The goal is to keep our team united and stronger than ever!

The GB Oceania School Certification Program will help those who play a role at Gracie Barra Schools to understand the Gracie Barra values, methods, and philosophy and how to make the most of it. The benefits of the GB Oceania School Certification Program are:

» Align 100% with Gracie Barra;

» Generate greater brand recognition;

» Maintain quality control within Gracie Barra;

» Avoid internal competition between our GB Oceania Schools;

» Receive special designation on world map;

» Receive certificate of being a GB Certified Premium School;

» Special stamp on GB School website;

» GB Oceania School can be eligible to have GB Oceania Ambassadors;

» Special mention at the GB Oceania Awards Night;

» GB Oceania School Owner has the ability to open another GB School;


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