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Athlete Information

Take a look at all the information about the competitions included in the GB Oceania Ambassador Program!


We are going to follow the Australian ranking so it would be easier to control the athlete’s points. For the competitions that are not on the Australian ranking, the points would be given according to a table created and published by GB Oceania. 

All results will be collated into the GB Oceania Internal Rankings. To view the GB Oceania Internal Rankings, please click here.

Weight of the Championships

Please note the only recognised tournament bodies for the GB Oceania Ambassador Program are:




– Any GB Compnet worldwide

Please have a look below for the full weighting of the championships throughout 2021.


For all the AFBJJ competitions, including 2 star and 1 star competitions, please click here for the rankings and schedule.

Ranking Points

Please check below for how points will be allocated for performance at competitions.


Note: The GB Oceania internal Rankings will award points for 4th place, if the competition also awards points for 4th place. If the competition does not award points for 4th, then the athlete will not be awarded any points towards their GB Oceania Internal Ranking.

Note: There will be no points awarded for Masters divisions in competitions.

GB Athletes Selected

The positions available for GB Oceania Ambassadors in 2021 are:

Adult Female - 2 positions

     - Combined Blue, Purple & Brown Belt Division

Adult Male & Juvenile - 2 positions

     - Blue Belt Division 

Adult Male - 4 positions

     - Purple Belt Division - 2 positions

     - Combined Brown/Black Belt Division - 2 positions

Master Male - 1 position

     - Combined Brown/Black Belt Division - 1 position

Kids - 4 positions

     - Minimum Grey/White Belt and at least 10 years old 

     - 2 Boys

     - 2 Girls

The Juvenile position will be contested amongst the Male Adult Blue Belts as they have the ability to compete in open weight divisions. This would make it unfair in the Kids division.

Additional Information

For the IBJJF’s schedule of competitions for 2021, please click here.

For the UAEJJF’s schedule of competitions for 2021, please click here.

For all the AFBJJ’s schedule of competitions for 2021, please click here.