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Special Private Training

One Team, One Shield, One Goal



Gracie Barra Oceania, together with the GB schools and students in Australia, have helped develop our GB Oceania Ambassador Program to support, value and grow our GB athletes to their full potential. 

The aim of the GB Oceania Ambassador Program is to help fund our athletes to achieve their dreams at major competitions around the world. We created a system where all the GB members involved will benefit from this project. All the athletes and Professors must follow some pre-set rules to remain eligible for the ambassadorship. The selection will happen through our GB Oceania Internal Rankings where the top gi ranked athletes will get the ambassadorship. Funding for the GB Oceania Ambassador Program will be collected through a number of different events throughout 2023. The positions available to be a GB Oceania Ambassador are:

Adults & Juveniles - 7 Positions

     - 1 guaranteed position for an Adult Black Belt

     - 1 guaranteed position for an Adult Brown Belt

    - 5 positions for Adult Blue, Purple, Brownor Black Belts (combined division)

     - Male & Female 


Kids - 3 positions

     - Minimum Grey/White Belt and at least 10 years old 


The Professor, Coach or GB Oceania Ambassador will pick a specific BJJ subject, for example, the closed guard, to work for 3 hours, on a Saturday or Sunday. The sessions will operate with ideally a group of a minimum of 10 and a maximum 16 students. Part of the registration will go towards the GB Oceania Ambassador Program.


Gets the maximum amount of technical instruction in a short period of time.


» Fast track your learning;

» Allow the student to focus on  specific BJJ subject;

» Allow the student to focus on  specific BJJ needs;

» Maximised retention of technical details;

» You will be working with a group of students that want to study the subject in greater detail;

» The students will have the time to practice and adapt the techniques to their own and their partner’s body types;

»You will work for 3 hours on the specific subject, allowing the instructor to work more time to improve your BJJ game;

» It creates a bond between all members of our team;

»You will be supporting the GB Oceania Ambassadors!